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How many mock tests should I take every week (starting from now) so that I can achieve 99+ percentile in the CAT 2019?

It is not about the number of mocks. You can give 100+ mocks and still end up with a measly percentile in CAT.

Instead you should use your mock as an opportunity to analyse where you are going wrong in your preparation. For some it could be their overconfidence. For some their fear of the exam. And that is it. There is no magic number of mocks you need to take before you get 99+ percentile. So, focus on your mistakes, your errors, your weak zones. Work on them. Update your analysis in an excel file, if possible. Keep track of your improvements. Make new mistakes. Learn more. Try new strategies. This is what a mock is for.

Still, 10–12 mocks from now till the end is a good number to aim for. If you spend too much time on mocks by taking 2–3 mocks a week, you'll be frustrated by the time November comes.