Admissions OPEN - Batches Starting on: 23-Apr-2019, (Tue) , 21-Apr-2019 (Sun)

Mass Communication

Students who take immense interest in the exchange of information, mass media and global level of
communication via different modes of media are open to learning Mass Communication. The first fact
that Ekagra Academy focuses on is that Mass communication is quite different from personal,
organizational and interpersonal communication. Thus, we ensure to create a deep understanding of
the course based on global audience, advertisement, Journalism, public relations, social media, audio
media, photography, interactive media, professional organizations, film & television, convergence,
and interactive media.
Ekagra Academy presents coaching opportunities for students pursuing advanced studies mass
communication. Our trained and experienced professors create an interactive relationship with
students to help understand all the episodes of the course. We also provide career counseling
opportunities for students who want to set up a career in Mass Communication but are not sure about
a particular field of interest. With us, students can also get a chance to learn the ethics of the industry
through real-time industry experiments.